All people and businesses on the list are pre signed up for the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction. Please check in when you arrive at the fairground to collect you buyer number and your dinner tickets.

1st Rate Roofing     Brownsville, OR
4T Livestock     Lyons, OR
5J Fabrication     Jefferson, OR
A Walk on the Wild Side     Canby, OR
Advanced Mechanical     Brownsville, OR
Ag West Supply     Harrisburg, OR
Albany Easter RR     Lebanon, OR
Allied Heating & Cooling     Albany, OR
Alpine Pressure Wahing LLC     Albany, OR
Analysis Lab     Lebanon, OR
Anchor & Arrow Construction     Sweet Home, OR
Anderson Hay and Grain     Aurora, OR
Anderson Ranches     Brownsville, OR
Anderson's Boer Goats     Salem, OR
Animal Health Solutions     Tangent, OR
Applegate Door Co     Philomath, OR
Armstrong, Dave & Alice     Prineville, OR
Armstrong, Jason & Kim     Sweet Home, OR
Armstrong, Shelby     Turner, OR
Art Plus Signs & Design     Albany, OR
Ashley, Lonnie     Scio, OR
Autumn Seed Inc     Corvallis, OR
B Square Baling     Albany, OR
B&I Hardware and Rental     Junction City, OR
B&R Auto Wrecking     Eugene, OR
B&R Towing     Corvallis, OR
Baba-Moo-Nay Ranch     Junction City, OR
Bachand, Linda & Greg     Salem, OR
Bailey, Carly & Lorne     Albany, OR
Barenbrug USA     Tangent, OR
Beck, Amber     Scio, OR
Benninghoven, John and Susan     Monroe, OR
Berkshire Hathaway     Stayton, OR
Bethany Haile Photography     Albany, OR
Bievies, Jasmin     Albany, OR
Bill Case Farms Inc     Albany, OR
Blaine & Abby Suing     Lebanon, OR
Boldt, Carlisle& Smith, LLC     Stayton, OR
Bo-Mack's BBQ     Albany, OR
Bonebrake & Co     Lyons, OR
Boshart Trucking     Tangent, OR
Braat, Ben B DVM     Albany, OR
Breen Family     Mill City, OR
Brett Murray Trucking     Lebanon, OR
Brittany Finneman     Albany, OR
Brown's Mobile Machining     Eugene, OR
Brownsville Animal Clinic     Brownsville, OR
Brownsville Calf Ranch     Brownsville, OR
Bryan's Truck Repair     Salem, OR
Bryce Crawford Farms     Malin, OR
Bullseye Ranch     Halsey, OR
Burcham's Metals     Albany, OR
Burlwood     Scio, OR
Burns-Hale Livstocvk     Crabtree, OR
Busek, Andy     Sweet Home, OR
Bynum, Larry & Jo Ann     Lebanon, OR
Caldwell, Nancy     Arlington, WI
Caldwell, Ronald     Arlington, WI
CARQUEST of Junction City     Junction City, OR
Carrie Corrado     Albany, OR
Carson Oil Company     Albany, OR
Casey Lulay     Sublimity, OR
Catch 22 Garage     Lyons, OR
Cavin, Earl & Cynthia     Eugene, OR
Central Willamette Livestock     Stayton, OR
Christensan Oil     Portland, OR
Co Energy Propane     Albany, OR
Coastal Farm     Albany, OR
Columbia Bank     Salem, OR
Complete AG     Shedd, OR
Conversion Brewing Co.     Lebanon, OR
Cool's Feed & Pet Supply     Albany, OR
Corrado, Carrie     Albany, OR
Corvallis Feed & Seed     Albany, OR
Corvallis New Holland - SS Equipment     Albany, OR
Countryside Electric     Jefferson, OR
County Financial     Alabny, OR
CPM Machine     Sweet Home, OR
Crenshaw, Cole     Lebanon, OR
Crop Production Services     Tangent, OR
Currey, Sue     Lebanon, OR
D9 Ranch     Lebanon, OR
Dailey Health Acupuncture     Lebanon, OR
Damon Livestock     White City, OR
Davis Glass     Albany, OR
Dawn, Mikaela     Scio, OR
Dearing, Brandy     Scio, OR
Diamond L Feed & Transport LLC     Scio, OR
Dittmer Farms     Tangent, OR
DMS Farms     Lebanon, OR
Doerfler Farms     Aumsville, OR
Duggins, Cliff & Mary     Oakley, CA
Dynamite Farms     Brownsville, OR
EC Power     Albany, OR
Economy Supply Building Center     Lebanon, OR
Edge Electric     Oklahoma City, OK
Edward Jones-Chris Scariamo     Albany, OR
Eicher's Feedlot Inc     Albany, OR
Ennis Heating     Scio, OR
Environmental Seed Producers     Albany, OR
Estill, Charles VMD     Corvallis, OR
Evans, Virginia     Lebanon, OR
Faithful Friends Animal Clinic     Lebanon, OR
Fanning, Sherry     Harrisburg, OR
Farmer's and Blacksmith     Brownsville, OR
Farmland Tractor     Tangent, OR
Fast Cash     Lebanon, OR
Fausett Family Farm     Corvallis, OR
Fischer Cattle Co     Stayton, OR
Fitterer, Scott & Vaughn, Allison     Halsey, OR
Flande Feed & Livestock     Lebanon, OR
Forster Family Farm     Tangent, OR
Frank Lumber Co Inc.     Mill City, OR
Freres Lumber Co Inc     Lyons, OR
Gardner Trucking Inc     Tumwater, WA
Gary Hull Farms     Lebanon, OR
Gatewoods, Ivanna     Bledsoe, TX
Gene's Meat Market     Mehama, OR
Gilmour Pacific Trading     Albany, OR
Gold Mine     Lebanon, OR
Goodell, Carla     Gates, OR
Grant, Wayne & Karen     Lebanon, OR
Greenback 4H Club     Shedd, OR
Greg Hyde     Scio, OR
Grenbemey, Greg     Gates, OR
Griffith, Kristin     Scio, OR
Grove, Ron & Judy     Scio, OR
H & K Meats     Stayton, OR
H&H Paving Co     Salem, OR
H3O Inc     Shedd, OR
Haile, Noel     Albany, OR
Halleman Lazy Kids Ranch     Newberg, OR
Hank Beuttel Insuance/ Agency Farmers Insurnce     Corvallis, OR
Hart, Tim     Sweet Home, OR
Haystorm Harvesting     Harrisburg, OR
Heath, Larry     N. Plains, OR
Herb, Matt and Rachel     Lebanon, OR
Hillside Acres     Sweethome, OR
Hillside Hideway, Inc     Scio, OR
Hillyer's Ford Stayton     Aumsville, OR
Hogle, Marjorie     Albany, OR
Holiday Tree Farm     Corvallis, OR
Holly, Tim & Linda     Sweet Home, OR
Horse Creek Farms     Shedd, OR
Howerton, Hopkin and Kennedy     Albany, OR
Huber Farms     Albany, OR
Hubert Farm     Albany, OR
Hut Shuttle     Albany, OR
Hyde     Scio, OR
Integrated Mechanical     Lebanon, OR
Irish, Johny     Albany, OR
J and H Automotive Inc     Tangent, OR
J&S Supply     Brownsville, OR
Jacob Gescher     Stayton, OR
James Martichuski     Salem, OR
Jason Van Eck     Sweethome, OR
Jeff King Contractor     Lebanon, OR
Jenks Jo and Kathi     Tangent, OR
Jensen, Lee and Debbie     Albany, OR
Joe & Linda Murray     Hubbard, OR
John and Patricia Clausen     Dufur, OR
Johnson, Doug DMD     Albany, OR
Johnson, Richard & Sherry     Lebanon, OR
JTI Supply Inc.     Tangent, OR
Justus Bag     Portland, OR
K & E Excavating     Salem, OR
Kailwi Farms     Lebanon, OR
Karo Construction     Brownsville, OR
Kathleen Hull     Lebanon, OR
Keehner, Hank     Lebanon, OR
Kelly Lumber Sales     Mill City, OR
Kerney Farm     Sweet Home, OR
Kerry Whitlatch Agency Farmers Insurance     Lebanon, OR
King, Larry     Jefferson, OR
Klampe, Rick     Jefferson, OR
Knife River     Tangent, OR
Knobloch, Paula     Sweet Home, OR
Knot Hole Market     Lebanon, OR
Kris Kizer Country Financial     Halsey, OR
Krpalek Financial Services     Albany, OR
Kuenzi Turf and Nursery     Salem, OR
L & M Steel Fab     Tangent, OR
Lacomb Grocery     Lebanon, OR
Lamb, Randy     Boise, ID
Lamb, Sudie     Brownsville, OR
Land O Lakes Animal Milk     Albany, OR
Lane Manufacturing Co.     Lebanon, OR
Laura Stewart Hair Design     Lebanon, OR
Leanne Barron     Alabny, OR
Lebanon Animal Hospital     Lebanon, OR
Les Schwab Tire - Lebanon     Lebanon, OR
Les Schwab Tire - Sweethome     Sweethome, OR
Les Schwab Tire, Albany     Albany, OR
Lifetime Vision Source     Lebanon, OR
Linn Benton Tractor     Albany, OR
Linn Benton Women for Ag     Shedd, OR
Linn County Fair Board     Albany, OR
Linn Vet Hospital     Albany, OR
Linn-Co Federal Credit Union     Lebanon, OR
Linn-West Inc     Tangent, OR
Loafers Restaurant     Albany, OR
Logan Zenner Seeds     Pasco, WA
Logan, Brian     LaCenter, WA
Lupo, James     Albany, OR
Luv Bunny Rabbitry     Lebanon, OR
Mack, Pat     Salem, OR
Macpherson, Monica & Mark     Shedd, OR
Macro Solutions     Scio, OR
Madison Ave Collective     Corvallis, OR
Mann Quarter Horses     Scio, OR
Manning, Walter DMD     Albany, OR
Marason, Gary     Shedd, OR
Margasor, Gary & Ingrid     Shedd, OR
Mark Cox Farms     Lebanon, OR
Martin, Rick & Cathy     Scio, OR
McClain Feed     Albany, OR
McCollumg Logging     Sweet Home, OR
McConnell Century Farm     Brownsville, OR
McCully Mtn Murray Grey     Lyons, OR
McDonald's Farm     Harrisburg, OR
McDowell, Chris     Shedd, OR
McDowell, Marissa     Salem, OR
McNulty, Mike     Keizer, OR
Melcher Logging     Sweet Home, OR
Merritt, Jennifer     Sparks, NV
Mid Valley Dental Assoc.     Albany, OR
Mid Valley Farms Inc.     Tangent, OR
Midnight Oil Farms     Lebanon, OR
Mike Adams Construction     Stayton, OR
Mill City Mini Storage     Mill City, OR
Miller Trailer Sales     Albany, OR
Miller's Auto Repair     Lebanon, OR
Mountain View Seed     Salem, OR
Muddy Creek Show Pigs     Albany, OR
Neher Famly LLC     Brownsville, OR
Niles Orthodontics     Eugene, OR
NK Machine     Salem, OR
Nolan, Greg & Melodee     Stayton, OR
Nunn, Carolyn     Scio, OR
Nyberg's Rabbitry, Inc.     Newberg, OR
Oak Park Farms     Shedd, OR
O'Connell Cattle Company     Albany, OR
Olsen, Darryl     Stayton, OR
OR/PAC Feed & Forage     Junction City, OR
Oregon Asphalt Maintance Inc     Lebanon, OR
Oregon Powder Coating     Tangent, OR
Oregro Seeds     Albany, OR
Orht, Leland and Carla     Gates, OR
Ott,  Jeremy and Margo     Shedd, OR
Pacific Excavation     Eugene, OR
Pacific NW Natives     Albany, OR
Pacific Risk Management Inc.     Salem, OR
Pape Machinery Ag and Turf     Tangent, OR
Parrish, Rick     Lebanon, OR
Paventy & Brown Orthodontics     Corvallis, OR
Pediatric Dental Associates     Albany, OR
Pennington Seed     Lebanon, OR
People Solutions     Lebanon, OR
Peterson, Travis     Lebanon, OR
Pickseed     Tangent, OR
Pinnacle Healthcare     Brownsville, OR
PLT Rabbitry     Turner, OR
Pollard, Ken & Kristyn     Scio, OR
Poole Family Farm     Hood River, OR
Pratum Coop     Salem, OR
Prenoveau Property Management     Lebanon, OR
Privatsky, Jan     Lebanon, OR
Pro Motion Physical Therapy     Stayton, OR
Professional Mechanical     Albany, OR
Project Delivery Group     Scio, OR
Proport Advantage     Albany, OR
ProSeed Marketing     Jefferson, OR
Radiator Supply House     Sweet Home, OR
Ram Trucking     Brownsville, OR
Rannirers, Art     Lebanon, OR
Rappe Family Farms     Lebanon, OR
RDL Northwest     Lebanon, OR
Rebekha's Barber Shop     Lebanon, OR
Reclusado, James     Bend, OR
Reddy, Dinesh     Eugene, OR
Relco Roof and Floor     Harrisburg, OR
Restoration Contractors     Salem, OR
Richard's Cleaners     Albany, OR
Richard's Family, LLC     Tangent, OR
Rick Franklin Corp     Lebanon, OR
Rinham, Scott     Scio, OR
Rite Way Electric Inc     Albany, OR
River's Edge Pet Medical Center     Albany, OR
RJ Armstrong & Associates     Lebanon, OR
Roberson Albany Ford     Albany, OR
Robert L. Pickett Contractor, Inc.     Lebanon, OR
Rodriguez, William     Albany, OR
Royal Riverside Farm     Albany, OR
RY Construction     Scio, OR
S and P Properties     Tangent, OR
S5 Farm     Albany, OR
Saddle Butte Ag Inc.     Shedd, OR
Samaritan Health Services     Corvallis, OR
Samuel, James     Albany, OR
Santiam Dental Group     Lebanon, OR
Santiam Sports Center     Mill City, OR
Santiam Tree Service     Scio, OR
Sayer Farm     Brownsville, OR
Schudel, David     Corvallis, OR
Scio Hardware     Scio, OR
Scio Thriftway     Scio, OR
Setniker Farms     Independence, OR
Shader, John M. DMD, PC     Lebanon, OR
Shelton Family Farms     Scio, OR
Shinholster, James     Alabny, OR
Sierra Restaurant     Gates, OR
Simmons, Nancy     Mill City, OR
Simplot     Independence, OR
Slayden Construction     Stayton, OR
Slusser, Scott     Scio, OR
Smith, Corey & Cindy     Albany, OR
Smith, Josh - HP Civil     Stayton, oR
Smucker Manufacturing Inc.     Harrisburg, OR
Snook Family Farms     Lebanon, OR
South Albany Chiropratic     Albany, OR
Spaniols Plumbing     Stayton, OR
Sparks, Ryan DMD     Corvallis, OR
Squires, Kari     Albany, OR
Squires, Nick     Lebanon, OR
SRC Cabn     Portola, CA
Stahlbush Island Farms     Corvallis, OR
State Farm Insurance     Lebanon, OR
Stayton Ford     Stayton, OR
Steelhead Machine Inc.     Lebanon, OR
Steve's Meatshop     Lebanon, OR
Stockton Cattle Co     Scio, OR
Stoten Ranch     Frenchglen, OR
Studnick Ranch     Stayton, OR
Stultz Bros Farm & Feed     Scio, OR
Stutzman, Ron and Iris     Lebanon, OR
Sunny Bunny Rabbitry     Scio, OR
Sunrise Hill Ranch     Myrtle Point, OR
Superior Machining     Muenster, TX
Tenbusch Farms LLC     Brownsville, OR
The Branding Stitch     Scio, OR
The Growler Grage and Tap House     Albany, OR
Thomas Ag Sevices     Crabtree, OR
Thompson, Elaine     Albany, OR
Thompson, Joseph     Albany, OR
Timber Harvesting Inc     Sweet Home, OR
Tinney Farms     Lyons, OR
Tolle Family Farm     Sweet Home, OR
TomTom Deli/Chevron     Albany, OR
Tradewinds Transportation     Albany, OR
Twisted Oak Ranch     Stayton, OR
Two Track Farm     Shedd, OR
U & D Trucking & Nursery     Alabny, OR
Udell Engineering & Land Surveying     Lebanon, OR
Uffelman Insurance     Mill City, OR
United Steelworkers 6163     Lebanon, OR
UPS     Sweet Home, OR
VBW Logging     Mill City, OR
Virtue, Abby     Sweet Home, OR
Vision Oil Inc. DBA Oil Can Henry's     Albany, OR
Voget Meats Inc.     Hubbard, OR
Von Ruden Construction     Lebanon, OR
VSI     Albany, OR
Wahl, Tony     Albany, OR
Walls, Beth     Albany, OR
Walls, Evonne & Clarence     Albany, OR
Walls, Glenda     Sun Valley, NV
Walsh Truckin     Troutdale, OR
Ward, Alicia & Cecilia,& Lucy & John     Adair Village, OR
Ward, Shelby     Mill City, OR
Washington Federal     Medford, OR
Watkins Machine     Sweet Home, OR
Weatherford Thompson ET. AL, PC     Albany, OR
West Coast Industrial Inc     Lebanon, OR
Western Ag Improvement     Dayton, OR
Westfir Ranch     Gates, OR
Weyerhaeuser - Foster Veneer     Sweet Home, OR
Weyerhaeuser - North Valley Timberlands     Lebanon, OR
Weyerhaeuser - Springfield Timberlands     Springfield, OR
Weyerhaeuser - Turner Regeneration Center     Turner, OR
White, Tami     Sweet Home, OR
Wilbur-Ellis     Shedd, OR
Wilco     Mt Angel, OR
Willamette Community     Albany, OR
Willie's Woodworking LLC     Eugene, OR
Wirth Farms     Tangent, OR
Withnell Ford     Salem, OR
Wood Waste Management     Lebanon, OR
Workman Properties     Albany, OR
Yoder, Anthony     Halsey, OR
Yuen, Tak     Lebanon, OR
Zahler, Brittany     Scio, OR
Zehner Farms     Lebanon, OR
Zingsheim, Gary     Scio, OR