Linn County Youth Livestock Auction Committee




Section A.        The name of this organization shall be the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction.


ARTICLE II – Purpose of Organization

Section A.        The purpose of this organization is to encourage, promote, and advance the agriculturally minded youth of Linn County through education, leadership development, sponsoring and marketing sales, arranging shows, exhibitions, and contests, scholarship awards, and any other activities that improve the livestock industry.


ARTICLE III – Membership

Section A.        Types of membership: The association shall have three classes of membership as follows:

1.     Executive Committee:  The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2.     Board of Directors:  An FFA Representative, 4-H Representative, Community Representative, Business Representative, Marketing Director, Jr. Board Member and a Weigh Master.

3.     Members At Large: Any community member who wants to support the activities of the Linn County Youth Auction as approved by the board.


Section B.        Membership Status: Committee members shall not miss three consecutive unexcused meetings. Doing so shall forfeit that persons position.


ARTICLE IV – Meetings

Section A.        Annual Meeting:  To be held in October.

Section B.        Regular and Special Meetings: The President may call a regular and/or special meeting by oral or written notices to the members as he/she deems necessary.


ARTICLE V – Election of Officers

Section A.        The voting members shall elect the officers at the annual meeting. 


ARTICLE VI – Board of Directors

Section A.        The Executive Committee shall appoint the Board of Directors.

Section B.        Quorum:  Three members shall constitute a quorum for action of the Board of Directors.


ARTICLE VII – Committees

Section A.        Marketing/Publicity Committee:  Shall consist of the Marketing Director along with two other members.  The responsibilities of the committee shall consist of preparing, publishing, and disseminating buyer’s packets, promoting the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction and its activities, and organizing the livestock auction sale catalog.

Section B.        Facilities Committee:  Shall consist of the Vice President along with two other members.  The responsibilities of the committee shall consist of maintaining the recognition fence, arranging and overseeing the set up of the livestock auction, and coordinating any equipment required for running the auction.

Section C.        Scholarship Committee:  Shall consist of three members of the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction Committee.  The responsibilities of the committee shall consist of preparing, disseminating, and reviewing scholarship applications, interviewing applicants, and selecting recipients.


ARTICLE IIX – Duties of Officers

Section A.        President:  The duties of the President shall be to preside over all meetings, act as Chairman of the Board of Directors, supervise the work of the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction, its officers, and committees, and shall perform all the duties usually incident to this office.  The President shall have the power to appoint committees as he/she deems necessary.

Section B.        Vice President:  The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President in the latter’s absence or inability to perform such duties.

Section C.        Secretary:  The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction and keep meeting records.

Section D.        Treasurer:  The Treasurer shall maintain all accounts and sign all checks for expenditures that have been authorized by the Linn County Youth Livestock Auction.


ARTICLE IX – Amendments

Section A.        The By-Laws of the Association may be amended or changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at any regular or special meeting, or at the annual meeting.

Section B.        The Linn County Youth Livestock Auction will work with Washington Federal to fund the auction.